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We are a jewellery brand created in Spain in 2010. We specialize in high jewellery, gold jewellery and diamond jewellery. We use only the best materials: 18K gold, sterling silver and G-VS diamonds.

We strive to translate emotions into jewellery: gold rings that evocate the serenity of empty spaces, earcuffs that explore the complexity of human form, diamond rings that capture the light.

We pride ourselves in accompanying our clients through special moments in their lives: timeless engagement rings with a twist, edited classic wedding bands. We explore traditions in jewellery to revise uses and shapes: earrings for the second hole, wedding earrings instead of bands, invisible diamond settings.

We believe in jewellery as art and as a means of personal expression that needs to serve the person wearing it: our jewellery is simple, easy to wear and adapts to every occasion.